Loving Prague is easy

Just walk through its streets and you have the history of Europe since the 9th century right in front of your eyes. It has been described with many poetic words: beautiful, charming, magical, mysterious, and mystical. All this is true – but Prague is also friendly and calming.


It can be assumed that everyone who has visited Prague has walked across Charles Bridge – sometimes it even seems that all visitors to Prague are there at once. Some of them know that the foundation stone of Charles Bridge was laid in 1357. However, few people know that it was on July 9, at exactly 5 o’clock and 31 minutes in the morning. Do you want to know why?

We wanted to know everything

We wanted to know it, so when we decided to make a documentary about how a 13-year-old boy, an American with Czech ancestors, discovers Prague, we wanted to find out as much as possible. We collaborated with the Prague City Hall, Prague`s Archbishopric, the Chamber of Deputies, the Jewish community of Prague, the Czech Commission for UNESCO, and the Prague City Museum.

We asked historians, monument administrators, and witnesses. Prague is beautiful and it is easy to love it. But we wanted to know much more about it. Then we told Kevin, and now he’s going to tell you.

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Sweet Czech Cuisine - plates

Tomki Němec: Václav Havel

Annie Leibovitz, portrait photographer
"Tomki Němec not only sees with a great eye but with his wonderful heart. I have had a great opportunity to look through his photographs of Vaclav Havel. They are powerful because they are so raw – so forward – so honest – yet warm and emotional. Tomki seems to be there at the right moment – not afraid to show Havel as a man. They are very special."

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