Sweet Czech Cuisine - Plates

We photographed the pastries for our cookbook on plates of traditional Czech porcelain. Whether it was the legendary Blue Onion Pattern, pink porcelain, or a plate with lilies of the valley or forget-me-nots. If you want to have such porcelain at home, there is nothing easier. Order in the e-shop of the House of Porcelain, the largest porcelain shop in Prague. With us, you can have an 8% discount on the price of the purchased goods (does not apply to transport or other fees).

How to process it? Buy as if you were buying without this offer of ours, directly in the e-shop of the House of Porcelain. When you receive the goods, send us a photocopy of the invoice to publishers@hummingbirdstories.net. We will request your discount from the House of Porcelain and send it to you via PayPal.

Notice to our affiliate partners: because this is a sale of third-party goods that are not administered on the Shopify platform, the agreed discounts do not apply to these goods.

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