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Do you know why our cookbook Sweet Czech Cuisine is so exceptional? Because we decided at the beginning that we wanted it that way. So we worked on it with the best of the best. We have pastries and recipes from Antonín's Bakery and Kabát Bakery, desserts from the legendary Erhart confectionery, which was founded in 1937, and from the famous Ovocný Světozor confectionery. And sweet hot dishes? We didn't leave anything to chance there either. Everyone can cook semolina porridge or pancakes, but when Václav Frič, the greatest expert in classic Czech cuisine cooks them, it is real "heaven in the mouth", as the old Czech saying goes.

We originally intended to publish one cookbook. But when we found out that there were so many recipes and photos in it that it would have almost 200 pages, we divided the cookbook into two parts. In the first one, which you can pre-order now, you will find almost 40 recipes for pastries from the mixed batter and yeast dough, as well as sweet dishes. Included are photographs and detailed recipes, with conversions to ingredients in the US,  so that you achieve the same taste as if you were sitting in one of the best confectioneries or bakeries in Prague. And before you try all those recipes, the second part of the Sweet Czech Cuisine cookbook will be available. 

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