About Us

Hummingbird Stories LLC is an American publishing house with Czech roots. We want to bring you Czech culture - movies, books, music, stories, fairy tales and legends. And of course, we cannot forget the Czech cuisine. We also want to present you with the beauty of Czech sights, starting with Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

All this will mostly be in English and sometimes also in Czech.

If you have Czech ancestors (even if they came to the US so long ago that even your grandma does not remember it), we would like to talk with you about Czech traditions, sayings, and would be happy to practice this beautiful language with you.

And if you do not have them but you want to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we will advise you on basic vocabulary that is more than just "pivo" and "guláš" and will show you what not to forget in Prague to really enjoy it. We are preparing a web portal about Prague, where we would like to discuss everything about Prague with you, and to share experiences of visiting it.

Experiences and stories…

And last but not least, we want to offer you special deals and savings when buying selected traditional Czech products. We are starting with the world renowned Czech glass factory Rückl, owned by the grandson of the Czech chemist Otto Wichterle, the inventor of gel contact lenses and silk stockings. Soon, many other offers and products will follow.


Our first huge project is Kevin Alone in Prague. A story about an American boy who came to Prague to discover the country of his Czech mother. 

And before we have it ready (coming soon), we have some "appetizers" for you:

- Old Prague Legends, charming animated stories in English and in German

- Prague Castle Orchestra, whose musicians you probably listened to, if you ever have been to Prague Castle

- several projects in Czech - books, including Czech classics, Jára Cimrman Theatre and two very nice documentary films

- one theatre play

- and plenty of "everything that is Czech" recommendations on Amazon

Hummingbird Stories is opening. Welcome!